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2020-03-14 21:23:49 (UTC)

First Time

Hello my new diary and hello to those who are reading it. This is basically my first time writting a diary entry. I don't own a diary - where i can write about my life - apart from the schooldiary which is metaphorically a bullshit;no one uses it in the class yet the teachers ask us to bring it school and carry it all day within the heavy dumbell like bag.
I like to carry small bags - that's why I abandoned my big black bag which lay in the corner of the room, hiding behind the white door full of graffitis and around a dozen jackets hanging on it.
I'm sitting in front of my computer typing the diary entry for the first time.
I was never fond of writting, typing or even reading. That's probably why my grades are very low in English - both in English Language and Literature. On my last mocks (December) I got a 7 in language and 4 literature;on the October mocks I got a 6 in Language and a 7 in Literature. To be honest I was a bit happy by the October's result and a lot dissappointed by the Literature paper 1 results. There were questions of Macbeth and A Christmas Carol. I literaaly flopped them.
By the way, I started witting because something happen on my English class last Friday. We were doing Tissue (a poem on the power and conflict cluster by ... I forgot!) and we were learning about the fragility of tissue - which has abiguous meanings. Metaphorically, the fragility of life. The fact the sometimes make me think too deep is that, all of us we are gonna die - sooner or later - someday. No one is going to remember us (unless you are popular or become one.) There is not much meaning of life. I belief we, human are here just to pray and worship God and die and go either heaven or hell. However.... I literally don't know what I'm talking about. But what I'm trying to say is that I just to write about my everyday, my everyday life. I certainly won't be able to remember everyday of my life nor every moment of it but I will be to write it down and check it in the future (if I have time to write and time to check up in the future.)
I hope that someone other than me would read my diaries as well apart from the familiar people I know or the ones who know me personally, as it may be quite embarassing. I don't know what I am going to write in here...