from my heart
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2020-03-14 19:01:55 (UTC)

5 or 10 minutes

3:01 pm

never apologize unless you actually did something to hurt someone badly. when there is something tiny you feel bad about, apologize in your heart and try to put forth actions so you wont repeat the same mistakes. i learned that its not good to apologize too much either. when you are good to a person, they take advantage of your goodness and dont even realize you are being good. i dont think you need to be good to be noticed for it but i dont think you need to be good to people who continuously hurt you, leaving you with a bitter heart.

when there is something you dont want to do, just force yourself to do it for ten minutes. even five is okay. just get up and time yourself and try to get as much done in five or ten minutes. you will realize how much you can get done in a short amount of time and how precious time really is.

this is a problem of mine. i woke up at 2:40 pm today. i already wasted so much time. i know what i want in life in a broad sight. i want to be rich and i want to be successful. i want to create. i want to share happiness and joy in life althought it seems ironic because i always say how much i want to die. i do want to die because sometimes i get into this crisis where i just cannot find the reasons why i do what i do and i feel so stuck. but right now, i feel somewhat motivated to fix my mistakes.

im a trouble maker. im not perfect. im the biggest mistake. im flawed. but i think that its okay to be like this. the only important thing is to realize that you are flawed and accept your mistakes so you can take another step and try in life.

i think that every one has their own principles / goals in life that theyd like to accomplish. what are yours?

i want to grow my hair. i want to travel. i want to be rich.

my principles in life are that:
i dont lower myself to make someone feel good about themselves.
i am strong enough to stand up for myself no matter what situation i am in.
that i dont judge a person for what they do but who they are in the inside
that i dont apologize for what i didnt do wrong.

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