London Life
2020-03-13 22:40:21 (UTC)

100 Wardour Street

Friday 06/03/2020 / Saturday 07/03/2020
Jack had bought a meal offer off a friend to help her out, we'd already had to change the date, and Jack was doing something on the last day the offer was valid. I thought he'd said he couldn't make it until 21:00, and I said I could stay in the office and eait for him, but somehow we got confused and actually he claimed to have arranged it for later SO I could stay in the office - but I'm sure he'd been saying "what will you do, go home?".
Anyway I was sitting in Pret in the Haymarket having left my bike near Wardour Street, when I realised he'd been at St Pancras desperately trying to contact me. The meal was in a rather posh place in Wardour Street. The girls were beautiful in a too-knowing way, they looked good in sexy dresses and high heels, and although it was nice to gaze at them while waiting ages for Jack to find the offer voucher on his phone, I don't think I'd want to talk to them, they probably wouldn't have a good attitude.

Saturday's football trip was better than recent ones, Bill and Paul were there but not Chrissie. I ordered a Weatherspoon's breakfast using their App - good thing Pete was" t there as he hates people doing that. Saw Jane's with his mates in the pub.

After the game I was going to walk back along the river the way I'd come, but took a wrong fork in the road and ended up in another "alternative" area of Bristol, similar to Stoke's Croft. I stumbled across the local version of VX and got two cakes, a vegan kebab and a take-away vegan egg/mayonaisse sandwich. I texted Sarah a picture of the game, she waited until afterwards to reply that she was there with her dad.

At home I had time to make my other two new "one-pot" recipes, butternut squash, and sweet potato curry,