London Life
2020-03-13 22:06:35 (UTC)

Brittany Runs A Marathon

Thurs 05/03/2020
Jack said he wasn't ready yet, so anticipating a delay, I left work at 17:00 and started walking through the drizzle. Surprisingly he was soon ready but I was on my way and arrived at the synagogue before he got there by bus. I'd never been there before and didn't even know it was there. My friend Remi was putting on a film to raise money for her charity. It was a USA film about a fat girl who starts running to lose weight and eventually enters a marathon. I enjoyed and udentified with the running bits, but there was a lot about her lack of personality and her various relationshis, which wasn't all as interesting. Also, I couldn't understand everything because of the accents.
I had initially decided not to go to the film, as Jay has finally got around to organising a "monthly" drink. I wrote to her in February prompting her gently, and she said she would do it in March but was still "deciding on the format". I mentioned to Dharmesh on Sunday that it was now nearly March and she hadn't done anything, and I reckon he prompted her, rather less gently, because next day it came up on the website, " venue decided later today". By Wednesday there was no venue, and just me, Jay and one other girl signed in for it. So I decided to support Remi's film.
The venue in Holborn had appeared on Wednesday though, a few had sugned up,and I decided it was worth going after the film, but it had disappeared from the site but I managed to text Dharmesh and get a reply before my battery ran out - it was a pub in Drury Lane, so I only had to hop on the Tube from Marble Arch to Holborn, there were quite a few people still there and I had over an hour's time there. Lorna G was there, Chi, Julie, Latoya and a nice girl from Brent.