London Life
2020-03-13 21:37:13 (UTC)

The Death of England

On Thursday we went to Story Street for a talk at the Building Centre. The cafe was closed and there was another event there, but we had time to look at their amazing 3-d model of central London, miles of individual streets, includung our estate ,always kept up to date - even the half-built Google building is on there (though oddly, the cover at King's Cross, which came down years ago, is still there).

We had a quick coffee in Tottenham Court Road and got back in time for the talk by Amelia, a good-looking Guardian journalist in a nice dress, telling the story of how she broke the Windrush scandal, and how it was only the anniversary of that boat arriving, and the complaints of Commonwealth leaders at a confidently-timed summit, that got the Government's attention.

There was a Q&A but we had to leave to get to the National Theatre for a play, The Death of England, at the Dorfman. We weren't together, but I got a seat with another couple, in a balcony where I could swing my legs and even stand up to relieve my stiffness.

Unfortunately it was a one-man performance, though it did have a sequence of events, a story of a bloke and his mate Dilbert growing up on a poor estate, having trouble getting jobs, and the funeral of his Leyton Orient and Brexit-supporting dad, who died watching an England match in the World Cup.