London Life
2020-03-06 20:10:13 (UTC)

Double Header

Wed 04/03/2020.The drink went last night went to my head so I was a bit lethargic working from home, and spent time looking at Caz's old social media pictures through the years, she's so sweet and feminine and had posted lots of pictures in mini-skirts and bikinis.
I said to Jack I could meet him if he could get there by 17:00, he didn't reply, then at 17:07 he phoned and asked where I was. I was ready to go though, and quickly cycled down to Sourced market where we had a coffee, and as I was late I stayed a bit longer and got to the Story Garden at 17:45. I shovelled wood chip for a bit, then four of us carried planks. I was at the back with Liz, with Tom and a new girl at the front. It was quite awkward and heavy. Abi and Bulgarian Kaz were also there.
I led the group to the homeless shelter again, talking to the always chatty and very tall and pretty Freya. Managed to get the task done without too much chaos, though there were three rooms this time. We got away in time, because all the speechy stuff was done while we were at the task. The girl from work was there, also big Chris and a beautiful young blonde.
I took them back to the square and gave them the option of two or three laps of St Martin's. Hanri did four! We went back to the pub, there being quite a large turn out as three peioehad reached 100 and Abi was on 300. I didn't stay long after last night, I was talking to Freya about our jobs and the price of train trips.