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2020-03-12 16:35:39 (UTC)

"Hand of God" by Kevin ..

"Hand of God" by Kevin Devine

And you curse their Lord for all He ignored
In His flawed and vengeful plan
Cut yourself some slack against a deck so stacked
I mean come on now you're just one man
Maybe after all when your conscience calls
You might approve the missing link
And all that white hot air you sprayed around out there
Might have meant more than you think
So when you breathe, breathe deep, breathe in greedily
Like you might never breathe again
Go and spoil the truth so all that work you do
Won't be worthless in the end

March 12, 2020 Thursday 4:38 PM

Wondering what you think about all this. You'd. People are moving out, probably about 80% of the school's population? Everything's going online, the decision was distributed via email. I've just started writing and I suddenly need to stop again.

Let me finish up first: my neck feels better, I am a bit nauseated, I feel kind of empty, but everything is good.

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