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2020-03-12 15:20:02 (UTC)

a lil better

today the sun is out, the weather is amazing, and for the first time in a while I caught myself smiling for absolutely no reason. I felt genuinely happy in that moment! I was listening to my favorite songs, driving with the windows down, just chillin enjoying my own company. it felt great and im glad that I got out the house today :) definitely a breath of fresh air having days like today. also the corona virus is lowkey scary but I feel like im only scared bc I fear for my older family members who seem more prone to catching it but I know I wouldn't catch it cause im clean and I have a really strong immune system. it sucks that everything is closing down but at the same time im not gonna be ignorant and be mad about it cause they have a good reason... anyway to whoever is reading this, I hope you soak in some inner peace today :) sending love!