2020-03-10 23:51:48 (UTC)

sad today

kinda sad today. I just wanna know why people don't see me as "enough" or why I am always way more intrigued with the other person than they are with me. when I first start talking to someone, they are interested in me and they lead me on. then all of a sudden BOOM they ghost me. it happens so many times and idk why... im such a kind person and sometimes i do feel like i get taken advantage of. i just wanna know why people feel the need to toy with my emotions without giving me a true chance. also what's up with this generation ghosting people????? that's literally the worst way to "break up" with someone. theres no closure or anything. why cant this generation just say how theyre feeling without having to either sugar coat things or run from their feelings???? can everyone just start facing their feelings and talk about them pls. idk if i have it in me to get passed another person ghosting me cause it really do b taking a toll on me. anyways, just thought i would try this online diary thing out cause i don't really have friends i can talk to.