Do Not Disturb

2020-03-10 16:08:04 (UTC)

Wild Weekend

So, this past weekend was my mother's best friend birthday of whom I call my "auntie". Well, is my auntie but I don't call her my auntie I call her by her name. Anywaye, we had the party Saturday. The food waa food. Their waa no cake. Just alchol and a lot of cigarette smoking and getting high of contact from that weed. I had 3 margaritas and a shot of Tequila but not a lot it was halfway. People thought I wasn't gonna drink it but I did and when I tell you that bih was strong. It was strong. It hit my chest so quick but luckily my mother came to the rescue and she had this beee salt that's shaped like an actuall yiny beer and she told me to lick my hand and she put a dazzled of sault on it and lick it again. The salt taste pretty good. Like lime flavor. Overall had a great time.

Sunday. Went out to Applebee's for dinner. Even thou it took a while for them to get everyrhing ready because the last Applebee's that we went to they said that they didn't have enough server or, helpers and that it was gonna takr at least an hour to get everything situated so we left and went to a different one and they actually served us well. I wanted the bourbon chicken and shrimp and mashpotatoed but had to get something from the 2 for $20 deal instead o I just got chicken fingers and fries. Qnd I wanted the spinach dip as an appetizer but my brother doesn't like spinach 🙄. So, we both just got salad instead. It was good but what I really wanted wws the spinach dip because my mom best friend had it and I wanted to get one but she shared it with me but I only gotten one chip. And then, it was 12 off. And I overheard her saying that she should've gotten two. But oh well,maybe next time.

- A