Carrie notes
2020-03-08 00:36:33 (UTC)

I'm So Done With People

At first I spoke my mind when people would talk about others I would hangout with. Then I got accused of being nagtive, so I started letting it go in one ear and out the other. I'm just fed up with the following:
1. Men who start relationships with me while they are in a relationship with another woman!
2 . People coming up and telling me how bad it is to be around those men after I told them off about their womanizing. Oh and they add how the other women won't even hug men.
3. People who have their head up your but every time you move just to be bossy and then blame you. 😈
4. The person who when you ask them if they are picking you up for church answers your question with don't forget the time change

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