from my heart
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2020-03-07 17:18:55 (UTC)

follow your heart

12:24 pm

im currently at work right now. im so tired. im tired of people telling me different things. some people tell me to do a certain thing and another person tells me the complete opposite. im tired of them thinking that they know whats happening in my life. they think they know everything because theyre older or experienced. they think im dumb and i cant make decisions for myself. i dont care what they think of me. but im tired of them constantly telling me what to do with my life.

i want to follow my heart. but these days i dont even know where my heart is at. how can i follow something that doesnt allow me to follow. im so numb.

i wanted something special so badly but i dont even care anymore. im not suicidal and i wont kill myself but the only thing i can think of is dying. thinking about that makes me feel calm and happy in a way. im tired.