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2020-03-06 22:29:29 (UTC)

Tomorrow's plans

Tomorrow will be the first Saturday morning class at Folsom. Again, new beginnings as this is my first ever Saturday there. Hope to meet some nice new not so stuck up friends. They are in for a treat when I get there. They don't know what pushing to the limits is until they see me. Old and banged up, I still can rock it.

Anyway, I think I want to get a Bose wireless headset. I own two bose bluetooth speakers and they rock. The sound does sound so good. I know there are cheap imitations that say they're as good as a high priced speaker but no! Bose rocks. Where was I? Oh yeah, the gym is close to the outlet store mall. They have a bose store there. It's returns or had previous issues that got repaired. They give full warranty but the price is so much cheaper. I want to get a bose wireless headset. So off to the mall after gym.

I need to look at work out shoes too. I love Under Armor. I'd recommend this for crossfit classes.

They can take a beating and still stay together. The last two shoes I used for gym was Under Armor. Lots of running, jumping, and lateral movement. These shoes can take it.

I think I need to add another cologne to my arsenal too. There is one I was always meaning to buy.

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