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2020-03-06 20:03:14 (UTC)

The priceless baskets of life

I know I've said this before but yeah, it's so important to not invest in one thing in life. So thankful that I do and I say. Work turned around on my lately. Boss was being an ass. Had to clean up my peer's mess and work late for him. But I did and fixed his issue. Now I have one happy customer all because of me.

Today, there was a big presentation project from Child Services. Somehow I got to be involved in this project. I purposely wore my suit just for this meeting. I was reference many times asking about my professional opinion. haha. I was so tempted to look around and see who the heck they're talking about but it was directed at little old me. Somehow someway, I said the correct IT jabber and with people skilled banter. I impressed them somehow. Only does good for my possible promotion (which I'm still not sure if I want since I'm getting a 7.5% raise soon in my current position anyway).

As soon ass it hit a certain time, I had to go to my Dr's appt in my suit no less. Got there and these two nurses started up. Yeah, they must get old geezers most of the time because I sure had more help than I ever had. Checking every two min if Im ok. Offering blankets on bed while I waited. Offered drinks and snacks while I waited. It's funny what a dude in a suit can do. Then when I got dressed, I felt something and looked and saw on of the nurses looking at me through her nurse's window station. hehe.

Got my shot on my right shoulder for the periodic pain I get. So they say it's safe to have a shot ever six months or so. It really helps me a lot. I really push it at the gym and messed up right shoulder or not, it'd put a hurt on anyone's shoulder much less mine that was involved in a previous injury a long time ago. So anyway, I'm good to go again. I missed Friday night gym for this first time in a long time. So I only went 4 times this week. Tomorrow will make 5 days this week so I guess that's ok. I forget sometimes thet 2 times a week is an average. My weight is good. I'm at 160 lbs even after eating extra protein for muscle building. Muscles are still pending. haha.

Babe and I? We got into it. In a bad way. Nothing much to say about it and I don't feel like talking about it even though it's my diary to post what I want. I'm just glad that my baskets of life are in check. A couple can tilt and spill but I'm still ok. My work basket was messing with me but now it's good. So now it's the other basket of life. But I got this. I'm glad I learned this knowledge on how to balance life. One or two baskets may be messed up but the other baskets are ok. Life is ok. 🙂

Plans for tomorrow beside's the gym? Since I'm going to the Folsom gym, there is a Folsom Outlet mall that I want to check out. Lots of
need to haves" there to buy. Woohoo!!! Probably need to hit Costco and do some grocery impulse shopping. I didn't play darts this season so I won't be going to the regional playoff in Reno Nevada. My dart buddies are there now without me. Sigh... I was their closer. Was is the right word alright... Now I'm at home. Looking at my world trophies my friend Mitch and I won. Now it's just a distant memory that old farts talk about in their glory days. But it is here. We did win it.

I'm tired. Need a couple of more drinks before I pass out. The Monster is signing off

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