Carrie notes
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2020-03-07 03:49:36 (UTC)

Asking To Be Honest

People ask you to be honest until you say something that they don't want to hear! For example a gentleman I know that comes over to play pinochle two days a week...
He tried having a relationship with me while dating another lady who lives in the building! He talks about three other women, two of which he has had children with. He cuts down some of my neighbors who drink after he has bragged about leaving Idaho for 25 years due to an alcohol problem! He claims he is playing pinochle for fun, yet he gets upset when he loses.
This man I'm talking about has some good qualities about him, but I don't think he sees his faults. Or maybe it's just that he doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions. All in all its really sad that I stay away from pinochle which I would like to learn because of this person.

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