Life of a Highschooler
2020-03-06 15:23:08 (UTC)

Life Rn

Ayyyyy, so I haven't been on in forever. Okay so if you've never heard of me, keep reading. I got a interesting life. So first about me. I'm 13. I turn 14 in May. I have tiktok and snapchat ( obviously). If you want to go follow my tiktok :) It's: itz..lowkey..kelly and my snap is: kbuhrmann06 so go add and follow me. Uhm..I'm single but crushing hard at the moment. He's really sweet and goes to my school and OMG he's sooooo cute! There's a school dance coming up and obviously I am going, so I hope we get to dance. He gives me mixed signals. Sometimes I feel like he likes me, but other times I feel like he just wants to be friends. So if you have read my other entries, I write alot of entries about my friends. So I'll update you on that. So right now my closest friends are, Tayler, Kaci, Maddy, Jocelyn, Phancie, and Ashlynn. So, Tayler is 14 and really sweet. Kaci is really funny. Maddy is quiet but amazing. Jocelyn has been my friend for the longest and always finds really cute guys. Then Phancie, she is super pretty and sassy, but thats why we love her. No homo. And Ashlynn. She is gorgeous and has been through alot. Love you all. No homo. So speaking of friends, I think I want a IBF. The only requirements are: Ages 13-15, boy or girl, wont judge me, will spill their secrets too, not fake, has snapchat. So go ahead and HMU. So obviously life isn't perfect. So I am in a BIG fight with this girl. Her name is Anna. I really can't remember what got us in a fight because it was a while ago. But I kinda miss her and I want to talk, but I am scared too. So yea....HMU to talk.

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