from my heart
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2020-03-06 14:03:58 (UTC)

hot aqcuaintances

9:03 pm

yesterday at work, the hot dude that i thought who quit was there. instead of him being a server, hes a chef now. im so shocked though because hes 26. like what.

anyways i talked to seohee oppa yesterday and it just felt nice to kinda make a friend at work cause hes really nice and i like him a lot when i finished work i said bye to him.

and kay tried to scare me but he failed so that was funny too.

a few minutes before i left work, i got a call where someone asked me about the menu and how if the lunch menu would still be available if he were to come at 2:30. the hot dude, wonbo, asked me what the call was about and i told him that the person asked me if he can come at 2:30 when the lunch menu time ends and if it would still be available as a lunch menu if he came at the exact time. so then he asked me what i replied to that question. i said i told the dude that if he came at 2:29 it would be there. then wonbo laughed so like that kinda made me happy to make him laugh

its not like i like him. hes just hot and i want HOT friends. or acquaintances.

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