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2020-03-05 05:51:34 (UTC)

Gym Breakthrough!!

Well, I saw a few more familiar faces at the Folsom gym yesterday. So we got to chat together as a group before gym started. Being at this gym isn't quite as shocking when you see familiar faces. Gym was fun as usual. We did three laps around the building this time. So yeah, to avoid the running crowd, get out in front early and I did. Got to lap a few people too which I know don't mean anything but for guys, yes it does. I've said this before but I recall my first time at the gym, I only could take 11 steps before I said "nope" and turned right back around.

Since the coach was my coach from the old gym, when we have to demo a move for each station, I always get picked. So it's finally getting better at the gym. Finally, after class, one of the ladies asked me if I wanted to join their little clique that they have. She used to go to my old gym once every couple of months. Anyway, once a month, they go out for drinks nearby. Since it's St Patrick's day soon, they'll go then and have a theme at the gym and work out in green or whatever outfits they have. With those gym clothes, they hit the bar and have a glass or wine or something like that and pose as a group doing a workout pose like a reverse lunge with a drink in hand. Sounds fun. I guess I get to hang with the cool kids again. So she friend requested me and I accepted. Now I see the event this month so I'm going to select attending in this event.

Well, that didn't take long. I also go early and this chatterbox goes early too. She messes with my workout though. I'm jumping rope and she is a non-stop talker. Sigh... hehe. I hear about her work, kids, etc, etc. Well, it's nice and all getting to know new friends but their life story is a little too TMI at this early a stage. Gosh.. just your favorite food is enough for me for now.

Anyway, work is busy. I'm staying late tonight because my lazy ass peer can't finish his project because they are turning it up late today after work. I need to go back to the dentist because my crown isn't shaped right. Dentist needs to file it down a little because the bite isn't right. So one more dentist visit. Tomorrow, I get my pain shot on my right shoulder. Busy week all around.

Cool. That didn't take long 👍

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