Carrie notes
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2020-03-05 02:36:27 (UTC)

Getting The Brush Off

The last two weeks one of my neighbors has been having some major fits! This is something that has been going on for the last year I have lived here at 1555 West Franklin Street apartment 2409 Boise Idaho 83702. I have emailed Boise City Ada county housing authority about quite a few times about it only to get a brush off.
In the meantime I am sitting here hoping and praying 🙏 that I didn't talk myself into another lease violation like I did 6 months ago! I have been doing all I can to behave myself. I'm just fed up that I got in trouble six months ago for the following:
1. Posting nagitive things on Facebook
2. Letting my cats in the hallway
3. Being Bossy
4. For telling someone that they needed to leave the community room
Mean while other people get away with the following that I email housing about:
1. Telling people that they need to be kicked out of Franklin Plaza because of something the accusers doing wrong
2. Nasty notes being posted on the elevator about someone else who is doing wrong
3. People who talk to themselves about what goes on in the building and making accusations and you don't if they are talking to you or not.
4. Last but not least people all the drama that goes on that nobody does anything about!

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