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2020-03-04 05:39:04 (UTC)

New beginnings new projects 🤔

Well, the new gym East of my old gym is doing ok I guess. Lots of gym members from the one that shut down attend this one too. The gym that shut down scattered to two different but the same company gyms. I'll just call them Folsom (East of old gym) and Sac central (West of old gym). I think 60 percent of my gym peeps went to Sac Central. Our coaches split to two different locations too. So it's not all that bad. Familiar faces are seen and I was going on Fridays to the Folsom location anyway so I'm not exactly a newbie. In fact, I'm sort of the ambassador to the old gym since I know my way around the Folsom gym and I was getting to know some gym peeps there too. I get greeted by some of the Folsom peeps now. The feeling is still like I'm just starting all over again. No more clique. Sigh..

So there were a bunch of people I knew from the old gym that attended Folsom yesterday. I made sure I greeted them. I now have sort of a long running joke with one of them too. Her name is the same same as my Ex gf's name but pronounced differently. I gave her crap about it before in jest telling her that her parents picked a crappy name for her. Now, we give each other crap and we're vocal about it too so others around us laugh at how stupid we are. But it makes it fun I guess. For example, when she comes in with my other lady gym peeps, I say "Hi ladies, then a short pause and I add.."and Tara"". hehe. Tara just shakes her head. But she does get back at me later so you know..touche and all. We're actually friends now.

So I do have one guy from my clique. He was there and did ok. We both may still attend the Sac Central gym too. Two ladies are buddies (Tara the teacher and the school psychologist pastor's wife). They always attend together. There was a new guy sort of but he is doing great. He lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks but he's new. I did make sure I said hi to him and made him feel a little more comfy because he is new. Also somewhat deformed or have growth/stuff on him that people would stare at. Not saying the Elephant man but he got stuff on him. He is fine though. His mind is sound. Then there is this quiet Pakistan or Indian lady. She's skinny already so I don't know why but she attends regularly and she is very quiet. To be honest, I didn't speak to her much at the other gym. Just short hi and byes at times. Now that she's there and feels lost, I spent some time chatting with her. She works at Intel and she tells me she may be moving to the Bay (San Fran) area in a couple of months. Not sure if it's a dude thing or work thing but that's none of my business so I left it at that.

There were actually other gym peeps from my old gym at the next session but these are seasoned gym peeps that have been there years longer than I have been so they have no issues feeling funny in a new surrounding. Doing my thing to be the social butterfly. Hopefully I can help make it more fun there. The gym peeps in this gym are not as social as the old gym. Well, I'm going to change that. One day at a time. 😜

Work is doing better. I finished this big DMV network project and they are off and running now. They complained about me taking longer to build their stuff but when it was all done, they didn't even use it yet. And they still aren't to this day. Must be a millennial thing.

Now I have another even bigger project. We've had several big conf calls and some meet and greets already. I thought we had the initial things to start building and requesting for stuff. We shall see. I know there will be a lot of hand-holding on this one too. It'll take about a year at least for this to project to complete. Otherwise, my boss finally got the hint. My other peer that isn't doing much got his projects back and off of my plate. Well, at least most of them anyway. So there is that. Good. Now my workload is much more manageable.

My babe? She's doing her thing getting her ducks lined up in a row. I may be stressing her out a little. I'm used to applying this work project mentality stuff in regular life. You know, project planning. Write down timelines and expected completion dates and boom! Get it done. lol. Poor babe. She is doing all she can. I'll have to take off a mark from her virtual spanking-notebook (we jest in having one when she is bad).

Spoke to Heidi last night. She came by in fact to talk about our plans for this Summer and all the events before and after. Funny, she knows my stray cat is named Heidi. I named her that because she is always wanting to food or is needy. That's why I call her Heidi. Anyway, she has two jobs so she can't book as many events. Maybe two camping events. The Maui trip backpacking (not my thing and I don't know how I'll ship camping stuff on a plane), wine bus tasting events, the memorial celebration for our friend that committed suicide, or friend getting married from our group in June, etc, etc, etc. So many things she has in mind.

I contacted my Sister. Vacation trips may be put on hold for a bit. That Corona virus is putting a squash on things. So yeah, of course we aren't going to South Korea. Europe is out of the question too for now. I wasn't going but her boat cruise she was thinking about is the same one they docked for having the virus. So yeah! Hell no about that trip. Maybe Oregon might still be doable. Late summer, maybe Maui. Depends on my funds. My plans have changed now as babe is in the picture. Besides, I may need to have one more disc replacement in my neck and that'll take 2-3 months to heal.

But for the immediate future? Looking good. Babe and I are hooking up very soon. Much needed carnal desires will be met and taken care of. She is in for a treat. Good thing she will be able to keep up with me.... or not. hehe. We shall see.

Otherwise, life is good. work is fine. friends are in check. Lots of fun stuff to do. Work is still fun and I still get morning issues which I'm good with having considering I'm old and I should have exactly the opposite problem from what I'm having right now. Gym is great. I can see eating more protein is helping me get better results. Later peeps.

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