London Life
2020-03-03 23:18:25 (UTC)

The Bald Faced Stag

Ran into work by a third route, via Regent's Park, Harley Street and New Bond Street but still got nonsense central London results from Strava.

I thought I might be in bad books at work after yesterday, so I quickly got the IT sorted out, did the CME, re-wrote the senior manager's procedure for him, caught up with form applications, sorted out some invoice problems for the SM and still managed to finish off listening to 85 'B' list favourite tunes for February while re-ordering my Top 40.

Met Jack at Ravella after work then went to help at a park in Muswell Hill. Good thing I had spare time as I was so keen to do my Gopec puzzle I missed the stop at Embankment and had to go via Monument for Bank.

Spoke a bit to Nicki about the Friends of Alexandra Palace Station, and then to Mumtaz on the way to the task, where we were clearing the "edge'" between grass and path in Muswell Hill. On the way back Mumtaz was asking how long I'd been with Jack and I told her how we first met at the Libertines gigs.

In the Bald Faced Stag I made an effort to chat up new girl Mary, who is just as gorgeous as her friend Clare, and with the same Cork accent.

Caz was there also, looking great with her hair down, I was also enjoying her great figure. Spoke to Rob, he really is a nice bloke, and told him I was going to see his girlfriend in Leeds soon. Abi was there, I got her a drink. Also Fay who has started visiting an old person every Monday, on the basis she would stay in that night otherwise. Abi asked who was getting the Tube towards Kentish Town, after hesitating I said I was, but she then went off with someone else.

Got chips and ketchup by the tube station and finished them before Jack saw them. He'd been to a work comedy night. He asked me about my Labour Party ballot paper and I told him for the first time that I left a couple of years ago when Jeremy Corbyn made me feel excluded from "his" party at a comedy night we went to. I will re-join if Kier becomes leader though.