2020-03-03 17:12:59 (UTC)

Day Wasted

It got a little worse before it got better. I kept waking up during the night but eventually got rid of the fever. The room felt way too hot at one point so I turned the heater off and opened the door. When I got up to get more water, the darkness and the fever made me remember N, the novella. Imagine the fright at that one. I don't know if you ever felt that, when your brain takes two sides; one suddenly takes fear as a challenge and makes you imagine the most horrifying things possible, while the other just fights that so you basically stay sane.

I woke up without the fever but my body was still aching and weak. It's a day wasted to heal but it's working. And tomorrow I'll be ready to function again. Mentally though, I'm a little foggy. It feels like there's a problem going on that I can't see. At the same time, another part of me is telling me to ignore and fuck everything and just do things to my own satisfaction. I don't know. Maybe it's just the hangover from the sickness talking.

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