London Life
2020-03-03 14:09:33 (UTC)


Mon 02/03/2020
Went to sleep before 23:00 last night but had the kind of hangover today that’s not too bad, but doesn’t go away. My IT at work wasn’t working properly but just like last week when the same thing happened, my manager wouldn’t give me information but was more interested in why I couldn’t get it myself. My senior manager wrote to me in the morning, I didn’t see the email, so he did the work himself and when he came over I was looking at my race pictures from yesterday, on social media.

Went for a coffee with Jack at lunchtime in a nice new coffee house at Cardinal Place. In the evening we went to the Vue in Islington. We got the time of the film wrong, so had time to go to a small café in Camden Passage. The film was ‘Greed’, based on the life of Philip Green, a particularly horrible, asset-stripping entrepreneur, known for owning Topshop. It was well-intended, but it was a bit disjointed, concentrating too much on a party he was throwing, with most of his life portrayed in brief flashbacks.

On the way home I picked up my hat-with-a-peak from Nisa. As usual the young girl working there took a while to find it among all the piled-up packages. It’s to keep my face and glasses dry when cycling, but it had “ears” at the side and Jack thinks it looks silly’ But it will keep me dry and cosy on the rare occasions I get caught out by the weather when cycling.