London Life
2020-03-02 22:36:26 (UTC)

Brockwell, Hackney hospice

Sat 22/02/2020
Got in about 2:00 the night before and was working out what time to get up for Brockwell ParkRun to meet Freya. Only when I was getting up, did I doubt she'd said Burgess Parkrun - she said it was a flat one. But it waa too late to get there anyway so I went down to Brixton tube and did Brockwell.

I admiring a girl in a nice skirt then realised it was Frances C, who was volunteering. I waved to her on both laps but I didn't see anyone else. Had some spare time before helping clear up after the sale at the hospice, so after getting to Bethnal Green via the unusual Waterloo & City line (The "Drain") I got a vegan breakfast in the Gallery Cafe and a smaller-than-expected coffee in a smart independent cafe further up.

At the hospice I enjoyed speaking to a very beautiful young East European girl. There were some old school helpers like Steve, Frances and Beth there, but me and Jack were in another group with Eva who was organising.

Afterwards me and Jack went to the Black Cat as a celebration of our six-year veganniversary, then had a coffee in a sweet little place down a side street. We were definitely back to normal, it was good to chat with him as we'd done separate things the last four nights.