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2020-03-03 00:01:42 (UTC)

Fell into the river

I can honestly say I had plans for tonight but after an itchy throat and a very mild cough, I developed a fever and went to bed. Going to go to see a doctor tomorrow.

I feel quite delirious and a little clingy. Not whining and complaining just in terrible need of physical affection. Like... hugs and... cuddling. It's like there's lava inside my head and it wants to come out and be productive but there's also the nag to sleep. Jesus. I cut my tutoring short because I didn't want to risk infecting anyone. I've been in bed for quite a while but sleep came just now.

It sucks because I wanted to hang out with the troll under the bridge more. Fuck. I guess tomorrow is a new day. I won't be spending time in my own head tonight.

I hope I don't dream.