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2020-03-02 02:12:21 (UTC)


P made lunch this Sunday, Indian food for the first time. It was an epic success.

Just before we sat down to eat, R had texted me offering a night out. It worked and after lunch she came by and picked me and D up. I was glad D came along. It gave her a chance to have fun with R. R and I got to bond more when we traveled together but with D it's different. D was convinced she could never connect with her, but she ended up having more fun than expected tonight and for some reason I feel a little proud.

I lay back, possibly too tired to participate in all of the shenanigans but I also had things on my mind. C had sent me articles to read but I knew he was preoccupied. Plus, if I'd talked to C it would be a more immediate conversation, it would be texting. And I get accused of being on my phone with him most of the time anyway. I guess I feel I just have something else going on in my head so the outside world seems like something to endure. No, but we all had fun. I should be used to being the scapegoat by now, simply for not sharing the same sense of humor. I guess I felt the night wasn't about ME having fun. R has been a little alone and D has little under a month to leave for Germany. I felt a little transparent but what passed through was a breeze.

Tomorrow is election day.

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