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me and my life
2020-02-16 09:41:33 (UTC)

What I want in my life?

Yes, this is what I want in my life which I'm going to jot down below.
I wish I had a magic pencil and I could jot down whatever I want and I actually get it.

I want to be busy as hell but with profitable projects, I want to people to not only like me but to love me. I want to work with big people and I want to do this because I know I got a potential. I want to earn money and buy a beautiful house, I want to be a person who buy gifts for all and proud that my parents are dependent on me. I wuld never mind if i miss my birthday or any festival coz for me my work will be a celebration. I want to grow my skills, give numerous interviews in a day, want people to be desperate to work with me. I ant to rome world and take my om places and see her happy about me. I want to buy gifts for monku nad see him proud of me. I want to treat my big sister as a small sister and pamper her with everything.
I want to work hard and feel blessed to be earning what i deserve.
I want to donate to needy and i surly will
I want to workship god even in my busy life
I want to find out time to sleep peacefully
I want to work on my body as its my way of income.
I want to be clear of what i want
I want to support needy and be kind and down to earth even if i touch the skies
I want to be a giver
I want to act and act and act....and I want to be HAPPY

I know this will become true one day...