always wth love

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2020-02-29 16:03:42 (UTC)

Leap Day

Hey everybody
So tomorrow is March finally can believe that, anywho I had spent the day out with my mom and I'd a blast no fuss about common lecture nothing in that direction. We went to mall tbh it was so bare that it was hardly people there( in the mall wasnt big crowds around early morning;however, later did pickup though). So, my mom brought up my ex, and has feeling he aint seeing anyone, I know she know because....I just nod my head like hmmm....
So today is Leap Day. I mean wow it feels like forever we'd another day to enjoy February...
Yesterday just finished my two months classes so, I've a small break before I start up second half on my spring semester less than a week....
My mom went to Zales to get her weddin' ring clean somehow, my mom tired to turn me a girly girl so she wanted to get somethin' like pinky ring (size 4)... there's more detail i dont want that be told, you know?
Today was fun and easy wasnt busy which I really needed right before I taken on another year of college.
Peace and love always.