Carrie notes
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2020-02-29 17:02:48 (UTC)

Debbie Oats

Went to the Tennant meeting February 27, 2020 for a change it was nice.... That is until I went and talked to one of the staff from Boise City Ada county housing authority with two other people.
There was a gal here at Franklin Plaza who took it upon herself to arrange the furniture in the community room after carpet was laid a week ago! Thing of it was she didn't have permission 😒 from housing before she did it. Without setting up for a fight I told her what she did looked nice.
We were told Boise City Ada county housing authority would be in to arrange the furniture according to hud standards. Of course all of a sudden the gal was all pissed 😠 off and but hurt that she wasn't going to get her way.
This gal I'm talking about is Debbie Oats, she lives on the first floor here at Franklin Plaza. Last night she she was so rude and pissy she had to disrupt a birthday party we were having for another nieghbor. Really bitch are you that fucking much of a five year old you have to be selfish.

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