Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
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2020-02-28 13:30:54 (UTC)

"I Shake It Off, Shake It Off..."

This is too strange not to write about...

There is another widow at my work. She said she cried at her husband's funeral and that was it. And that she basically hated him, I guess. I felt like I hated my husband a lot of times, but there's days I can't stop crying. It's only been 10 months. Trust me, it's not a long time, though to contradict that, for me it has felt like years. Time drags insanely for me.

On another, more commonplace note: I was talking to myself and someone here thought I was saying I needed a certain food cooked. I said that wasn't what I was saying and they were like, "Yeah, it was." Great. I love being told what I was saying! Lol. Normally, this would piss me off and/or hurt me, but I laughed it off.

And now, the one person who I think would understand what I'm going through really doesn't. Wow. Baffles me and blows my mind! I should no longer feel like I'm a cold bitch! I'm sorry, but that shit's cold!!!

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