Carrie notes
2020-02-28 02:34:46 (UTC)

Tennant Meeting Day

Personally I don't like going to Tennant meetings because it's always one long bitch session after another! But, today for the second time in the almost year since I have been here at Franklin Plaza I had to talk to Boise City Ada county housing authority.
It seems that a couple of my neighbors think they rule the building around here! One of them arranged the community room last week after carpet was laid. Then had the nerve 😫 to say that it had to stay the way she arranged it.
Another woman here runs community dinners uses money from the Tennant fund without replacing what she spends. Then she denies residents the right to have their families to come to these events. Not to mention the fact she racks up a lot of health code violations.
Oh then they have a bossy, Eve's dropping little bitch who thinks she runs the place because she has lived here for 17 years. Of course she has the mind of a 5 year old and really should be committed to a home.
The drama here just keeps building up as if it is a soap opera in my life. In all honesty though I'm trying to change for the better 😉.

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