Do Not Disturb

2020-02-25 22:46:20 (UTC)

I quit my job

I quit my job as of yesterday and it felt good. Now all I gotta do is find another one which shouldnt be hard to do since, I kind of build up my resume. I only had two jobs my whole life. Went to the casino last night till three some in the morning. I won a hundred dollars but played it back which was stupid of me trying to see if, I could win some more. But I ended up getting some of the money back that my Grandma owed me because we went to TJ Max the other day and she wanted me to by a couple of wallets that she saw so she told me that she eas gonna" buy it " separately but with my money on my card. So, that's what we ended up doing and sge ended up giving me all my money back when she won hundreds at the casino. Thrn, I also bought stuff that I wanted and needed like bras, panties, ect.... Because I really needed them.

But yea that was my day.

Mood: Exhausted

- A

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