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2020-02-26 20:40:03 (UTC)

Gym is closing 💪

Well, just heard the news. My primary gym is closing it's doors this Saturday. They say they couldn't upgrade the facilities at this location due to the landlord not allowing it but let's just be honest. The lease expired and now the rent is higher so they don't want to renew the lease. Just be honest about it. Business is business but when we hear the baloney that is going on, everyone knows it crap. Anyway, I thank this gym for the 2 1/2 yrs I've been here. I'm in better shape now than ever. My babe got a pic of me back in 2015. She was nice and just said I looked different. Yeah babe. Just say it. I was fatter and out of shape. hehe.

Anyway, this means I have to go a little further East and hit the Folsom City gym. It's a nice gym. I go there of Fridays. I like the coach there and when I'm there, I'm like the superstar all because the class curve there sucks. hehe. Or I could go West where I'm guessing where most of the current member are going because it's the closest gym to this one that is closing. Anyway, one of our coaches will be at the gym to the West. The other is going to the gym to the East. I know both gyms and the people there so it's all good. It's just now going to be more of a commute to go to the other gyms. Sigh... They did say they will still open a gym again nearby soon. Sure, I have to see it to believe it.

Some people were pissed. Well, a lot of people were pissed. The blew up Facebook doing so. The head of the gym deleted the posts and sent out a video about keeping it cool and stuff. Actually, there is also another gym that is closing in the City of Roseville. Don't know anyone there so I don't care really but I do care that 2 of our gyms closed today. It was getting bigger and busier too. Oh well, if this is the worse things in life that can happen to someone, then their life isn't too bad and they actually have a lot going for them. So for's meh..

Regarding work.. my boss is being an ass. Screw him. Whatever. Nuff said. My buddy at work I finally got him to take that Associate Telecom entrance exam. I showed him what numbers to post so he was able to get qualified but he missed the posting for the job openings by a day. I'm sure they will pull strings for him to get it though. He is good.

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