2020-02-25 23:56:53 (UTC)

I'm Not Implying or Expecting Anything

what a moment.
i'm at kush hookah lounge. doing one of the things I had been planning to do during college.
but I didn't work up the nerve to go by myself.
and now here I am, confident as fuck, cocky as fuck.
hookah on the table, fiji water, my phone and a laptop.
listening to some latin music? who the fuck is she???
so anyway, i'm just straight up mothafuckin vibin up in this bitch.
and I've been laughing at dumb shit and think about the course of the last couple of hours.
I've also spent an ungodly amount of it sitting. I really need to start walking around more lol.
my flat ass.
and somehow i'm arguing with PK now. how did it get so stuffy within a few minutes? i'm confused.
the atmosphere is chill and beautiful. I am absolutely living right now. i'm relishing every moment.
and I'm out of my dumb apartment, hundreds of miles away, for one.
so it's gonna work out for me. I know it will. give or take a few major setbacks lol.
but I've been through it before. i'm a leader at heart...I can do it again.
why is overwatch dying? ugh the music is so on point. they've been playing hip-hop and trap and shit and uuughhh yes daddy.
it's no wonder each time lupe comes here she wants to come back as soon as possible.
I will make it werk, henny, yas.
ugh, the gay in me gets stronger every day.
the argument turned into a conversation.
and i'm just chilling again. doing work again. being myself again. oh geez.