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2020-02-25 18:52:25 (UTC)

Promotion or not? 🤔

Well ok. I fixed my issue at work regarding being qualified to even apply for the Associate Telecommunication position. I called the keeper of my pre-test minimum qualifications and told them that I already was pre-qualified but it just expires after a year. So..... I got my pre-exam reset. This time, I did everything correctly. Then when I submitted it? It gave me the green light!! Whew. From there I took the 2nd test and I was ranked the highest next to Veterans of course. Only Veterans can achieve a score of 100%. The highest is 95% which is what I got. And that's ok. Veterans should get a little extra. They served our Country so this is the least they can do for them when applying for a job.

After that, I spoke to some of my peers. They said that we are getting a raise in the summer. If I get or take this promotion, the top pay will be higher but if I take or even get this promotion, I may not get the summer raise since I'll now be in a different bargaining unit. Long term, it'll be ok. Short term it won't. So now I have my doubts. If anything though, I needed to keep my options open. So I completed my application and submitted it to HR. I requested it to be date and time stamped as the deadline was 5PM today. I got it in with 1.5 hrs to spare. hehe.

Then my boss comes and he said he wanted to speak to me. So I said sure but he wanted to talk to me in his office. My peer can't be at a project turnup. The lazy ass one. So he said if I can do it. I told him as long as my calendar is clear, sure. If I have a Dr. appt, then no. So he showed me wha t project it was. He drew some lines and pics on the white board. I laughed. I asked no documentation? No preplanned testing after this turn up? Is there a ticket number for this work? Any real Visio drawings? Who is my customer contact? No, of course not. What a loser. I know he is just trying to fuck with me but I got it. I just said sure if I'm free, then ok. Walked away after that. Silly man. He has no life.

Went to the gym after and had some fun. I found out not one but two of my gym friends quit the gym. I think one was due to the cost of the gym. The other was because her entire family was joining a different but cheaper gym. Yeah, our gym isn't cheap. Depending on your membership, it can be $150 a month, $129 a month, or $100 a month. I'm on a yearly plan and grandfathered in so I pay only $888 a year. Much cheaper. People could do the same but $888 up front isn't easy for everyone. Nope, not cheap at all. I make the most of it. I only take off on Sundays.

Heidi asked if I wanted to watch a movie but the movie they are watching is Jumanji 2 and I already saw it. Tonight, it's a healthy dinner. Salad with some chicken toppings and whatever it is I recorded on my dvr. No laundry. Clothes are ironed. All peaceful tonight in the house. Good night peeps. I hope you are having a mellow night like I am having. 😌

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