London Life
2020-02-25 15:36:54 (UTC)

Four nights without Jack, which suited me last week.

Tues 18/02/2020 to Fri 22/02/2020
As it happened, Jack and me were doing our own things four nights in a row, which suited me. On Tuesday I went to help shovel woodchip at a school in Finchley. Unlike last week, I was very early. Saba and a new girl, Niki were the only ones who got there before me. Niki was fun and chatty, she was wearing her boyfriend’s T-shirt like a dress. The Eastern-European Kat was there, who remembered me before I could remember her name, and another good-looking girl who seemed to know me. We did some leafletting on the way there. Because of the weather it was just seven girls and the leader - this small group gave us togetherness, and I felt as if I’d had a social evening without going to the pub.

Jack was out and I didn’t really want to see him so I went to bed, and when he rang, I put the phone on silent and then turned it off for when he phoned again. It’s true that when I phone him after 22:00, his phone is off, but this was bit harsh of me and he must have realised it was deliberate. Next morning he seemed less keen than usual to give me a hug or to even kiss me in the lips, and I was worried that he was turning against me, as well as vice-versa.

So on Wednesday I offered to go lout with him, rather than help at the homeless shelter, but he was going out with his friend. I was prepared to blame my cold for me going to bed early before he got in, and not volunteering tonight, and it’s true I didn’t want to do the gardening option as the ground would be wet. I talked to the beautiful, very posh Freya all the way there. Chris was leading the task and he took us near Regent’s Park afterwards. I was talking to a bloke from Bristol, and in the pub I had a good chat with Hanri about my personal conflicts between football and volunteering, the latter providing so much better for socialising these days.

I could really fall in love with Lizzy; although she’s not very feminine she is just so so sweet, fun and relaxed. She writes scripts and works on films. Again I was out without Jack on Thursday, I’d organised a quiz night which Jack couldn’t make as he was elsewhere. I almost got there an hour early after getting mixed up with the times, but just when I was leaving home in a great hurry, I realised my error.

I cycled to the Hanbury Arms. Charley was one of the first to arrive, also a couple of girls I couldn’t place – in fact one was the girl who turns out to work in my office, the other was Helena, who put her hand on mine and said she wanted me in her team, I don’t know why. Charley was wearing a mini-skirt and I saw an opportunity to get a good group picture with her legs on show, (Dave J who saw it, knew why I'd taken it). She's got gorgeous thick hair as wall as nice legs.

It had been hard to get the numbers right, I’d booked two tables, meaning we needed 12 people to enter two teams. I didn't advertise it much initially but as of last week we were a bit short so I allowed two girls to bring husbands. We were still one short (if everyone turned up) so I re-advertised it and two more people signed up before I could stop it. Then Dharmesh asked if he could come, so I said yes, and that I could just sit with him at the bar of everyone turned up. In fact Caz couldn’t come, and when the quiz-master lady asked how many were in our team, we said seven, and she didn’t mind, even though the pub website said the maximum was six.

Dave, who I dislike, was the last to sign up, and he didn’t get any answers at all apart from one about the Rolling Stones which I knew anyway. When I saw Helena on Saturday, she said Charley and Emily didn’t contribute, but that’s partly because the rest of us got in a huddle and Helena was sort of in charge of answering the questions. Anyway we won, after being so good at the music round which was worth 20 points, of which we got 19. The other group came 3rd. We disputed one which asked which was the first planet a man-made object landed on, she let is say Earth, which the first thing ever sent to space and returned, must have landed on eventually.

On Friday, I wasn’t quite back to normal with Jack, but we did get the tube together in the morning. I went to football, looking for vegan cafes first. There was Plant Cafe and Bar in the cathedral crescent, where I think we’ve been before in a previous incarnation. It had finished doing hot food but I took away a Rocky Road and a Millionaire Shortbread to share with Jack, both of which were lovely.

So I then went to Yaffle Café, where I’ve been before, above a bookshop. It was almost full this time, of creative people playing board games and talking about playing guitar. One girl had a new-looking Men They Couldn’t Hang T-shirt, but I didn’t like to ask her about it because she had it tucked up really short just under her boobs, and it would look as if I’d noticed it because of that.

There was another vegan café, Vedi, I wanted to visit, an Indian place, though I almost gave up looking for it as it was advertised as “Liversage Street (at Traffic Street)” and it wasn’t at the Traffic Street end at all. It was shutting at 17:00, not 18:00 which it said on the app, but I got a bake, and two samosas to eat later, and went to buy some shoes, then sat in a Costa for a bit.

I managed to avoid buying a programme after losing the one I got on the last trip – I may have finally given up buying them at away games. The game was dull until they went a goal down, brought on some extra forwards and attacked a bit more. I ran back to the station to make sure I’d get my train, and the app said I’d run with someone. I looked him up and he turned out to be a local, so I gave him kudos.

At Birmingham, I met Dave J, who’d managed to get there on a later train than me. I’d meant to avoid people and travel back on my own – I’d even bought a book in the afternoon about the histories of individual countries to read going home - but we had an OK chat. He’s thinking twice about staying up in Lancashire in May, even though he organised the pub/hotel for most people (I booked the same one yesterday). The reason is, that because of engineering works, you need to get four trains to get home next day. I pointed out that we’d have about four hours drinking time in the afternoon even if we went back the same day. I’ve cancelled my stay now, as I want to do a run next day and I’ve gone off a lot of these people anyway, they have stayed the same or changed in a different direction to me. Their negatively is not to my taste.

Jack was still (just) up when I got home just before 02:00, he was keen to see me next day anyway.