Carrie notes
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2020-02-25 03:08:09 (UTC)

Things I Have Learned

1. Never let anyone see you cry... No matter what keep smiling the losers who hurt you are not worth the tears.
2. Never allow yourself to be the one going to jail: If the person your in a relationship with is an outlaw do not continue to be with that person. The more your around an outlaw the higher the risk of you going to jail.
3. If you enter into a relationship with someone who is married and still living with their spouse, your a homewrecker. Especially if the married party promises they will pay your bills if you let them move in with you.
4. If they are manipulative and controlling chances are they are hiding something. In the end you will be hurt when you find out about it.
5. Never trust your family to be your payee over your disability checks. Chances are they will see that as a way to run the rest of your life.
6. Always have faith and trust in God... God always knows 🙏😇 what he has in store for you.