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2020-02-24 14:25:54 (UTC)

I effed up 🤬

Damn it to hell. I was at work juggling a few things. Boss being an ass threw off my train of thought. I needed to submit my minimum qualifications for this higher position called Associate Telecom Engineer. Would've been good because it's a different Union and more pay of course. In my haste, I fucked myself over. I inputted incorrect numbers on what Network crap I put in and rushing and not double checking, I hit send. It automatically rejected my entry. Now I can't apply for 6 months. So there are 3 spots open and I can't even apply for it.

Fucking boss was just being a baby micro managing me. Some friends are having some drama too which I won't go into so I again was stooooopid and made a mistake. I want to kick myself in the ass. I just hurt my own chances of getting this promotion . Crap!!!! lol Oh well, I guess I just wait another 6 months before I can take that job. I hope to God my lazy peer don't get it. I will be shaking my head if he does. But I know how life is so I won't be surprised if he gets it. That's how life is sometimes.

I make 108K but topped out until we get the raise this summer but that new position would've let me top out at around 124K a year. AAARRRGGGGGHHH!!!! I know I already said this but I'm so freaking stupid!!!!!!

Here is the online link. Look at Associate Telecom listing. I feel sick now. sigh.. I feel like kicking my own ass state jobs associate telecom&oq=ca state jobs associate telecom&gs_l=psy-ab.3...6357.7235..7557...0.3..;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi91Nidn-vnAhXYGTQIHVEFAS4Qp4wCMAJ6BAgLEAE#htidocid=WqZNAIdi40pQFK_eAAAAAA==&htivrt=jobs&fpstate=tldetail

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