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2020-02-24 01:47:28 (UTC)


When I approached, Grandma started to smile at me and it genuinely got me excited. I kissed her cheek and sat with her. She kept moving her head around and seemingly reacting, but there's just no way to tell what goes on in her head. At one point grandma seemed to look right into me, she even tried mumbling a few things, constantly squeezing my hand, and I humored the thought that maybe she was trying to recognize me.

Grandad seems happier each time we visit. He's engaging in conversation, laughing, keeping himself busy. He treats grandma like an angel and she responds almost immediately to no one but him. It's heartwarming. He took my rejection very practically and almost matter-of-factly. He suggests I continue to a higher degree, possibly for the sake of the title—though I doubt titles mean much anymore. In any case, it's a logical conclusion. It makes perfect sense to go all the way with one subject before taking on a new one. He certainly wasn't disappointed. There's was this projection from him of not worrying and just keep trying to reach the endgame. It's brilliant.