London Life
2020-02-23 12:35:41 (UTC)

Feeling let down

Sun 16.02.2020
I decided I didn’t want to go to Jack’s nephew’s birthday in the rain – I got a wet foot yesterday would make my cold worse. I knew the soil shifting would wear me out and I didn’t wake up until 09:00 this morning. It was quite a productive day catching up on news, cooking spicy rice, cheese and lentil loaf and shepherd’s pie for our lunches this week – I couldn’t do the risotto as I was short of an onion. I had to go to Waitrose to pick up my John Lewis food processor. I thought I hadn’t actually ordered it as I couldn’t find an email for this one, but yesterday I saw they’d sent a text. Today was the last day I could pick it up before they sent it back. I got my ingredients from Waitrose while I was there, meaning I’ve neglected our local greengrocer again.
I didn’t spend too much time looking at sexy videos – just a short time watching Soxiya and a pole-dancer, and looking at a few photos from my Flikr account. I updated my new releases on Deezer yesterday, but only as far as “C”, so today I was listening to my A and B lists, as well as the Amazing Chart with a record 15 new entries – still getting rid of the ones which had rebounded up the chart when the number of new entries was uncharacteristically low in January. I thought Tennis might have dropped straight out but pleasingly they’d made a huge jump from 25 to 2.
I should have done a magazine article before I box myself in and have to rush it but I’m running out of ideas. I might do one about the mad German but I don’t want to tread on Alex’s toes.

Mon 17.02.2020
I was actually pro-active at work today, instead of my usual “not care what they think of me, as long as I do the minimum just in time”. Mainly this is because for once I’m actually thinking of applying for my manager’s job when he leaves. He wanted me to do a section 4 today, but I finished it in the morning, I was copied into a solicitors’ invoice reminder for the ‘Head Of’ so I found a lot of helpful information to assist. Also I worked hard to get the usual CME and application forms up to date (After MB “reminded” me about one I hadn’t done).

Met Jack for lunch as I hadn’t seen him since Friday. We went to the moved café which was supposed to open “early January” and has just opened. He spoilt it though by admitting he’s spent £48 on a full Brompton tool-kit, consisting mainly of things we’ve already got, instead of just buying a Spanner for about £9.75. This is so frustrating, as I lent him £1500 on the understanding that he would be sensible in his spending. Because of this, I didn't feel like going out with him to My Village, for once we just went home and spent the evening in.