Do Not Disturb

2020-02-23 02:57:35 (UTC)

Change of plan

So, I was suppose to go over my dad house this weekend but it got cancelled and we basically had to wait a whole nother month. And I was really looking forward to it and the only reason was he had to run at six in the morning but cancelled it because he felt bad and all because he fell asleep and didn't answer the phone. So, I have to reschedule my open house for the one in April and take off again that same day to go with my dad . I tried to see if, I could go with my dad today but my mother wouldn't do it when we went to Chick- fil- A. I really wish I did go with my dad this wekend. But hopefully not next week but after next week because I really wanna see him and everybody else. And to just get away from down here and the job I'm still currently at and been for a year. Maybe talking to my counselor Monday when I go could help me because I've veen out of it this whole week and very emotional. And no my period isnt on.

Mood: All over the place 🖕

- A

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