Carrie notes
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2020-02-23 01:59:48 (UTC)


I read a friends post about one of her exes and her having a bad day! I wanted to post the following:
To all men,
1. If you are not man enough to keep a good woman while you have her... Then you don't deserve her to being with.
2. If you have to get jealous when she so much as walks out the door to go to the store. You don't deserve her.
3. If you feel that you have to use her as a punching bag. You don't deserve her.
4. If you have to flirt with every woman that crosses your path you don't deserve her.
I know I addressed this to men but the same rules apply to women if they have a good man. For years I have been looking for the one good man for me. All I got was supporting dead beat bums, going to jail, and becoming homeless at one point or another!
Things got so bad in my life 😭 I finally just gave up on men and turned my life over to God. I'm now much happier and feel a lot better!

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