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2020-02-23 02:33:37 (UTC)

Capturing a Moment

My dog cuddles next to me, he's asleep easily despite Bob Ross explaining as he paints in nothing but gesso. Even with the sound of the friction of the brush against the canvas, his voice is still soothing. It's frustratingly simple, but it also feels like a secret smile you share with a best friend.

Mr. Ross uses colors, and I think it's magic bringing the picture to life. And I think about my main character at the end of the story as she lies in that hospital bed. Every artistic piece is a puzzle put together, I believe. Sometimes, intentionally or not, it's a puzzle composed with some helps as a gift. I wonder if muses operate in a similar manner.

My words are running out but it's after 2 am and things aren't as bad as before. In fact, walking into the labyrinth lately had been like taking strolls in the sunshine.

In other words, I'm quite happy.

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