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2020-02-21 22:46:03 (UTC)

who to really trust

So I straight out used a diary prompt for this. I am still not fully sure if I should write this or not. But I am so like yeah. So if you guys have been paying attention to the news you will learn that an Altoona School district superintendent was charged for a bunch of sexual crimes. It just shows who you can really trust. You can't trust anyone besides yourself. There were so many times that I sat in his office right in front of him alone and I had no idea he would even do anything like that. Last year I was an eighth-grader he was the principal for the middle school for two years. He had made specific visits to kid's houses when he first became principal. He sat at my fucking kitchen table and talked to my parents. I had trusted him so much. And what is he a pedophile. I could not imagine what his family is going through though like he has four daughters and one on the way.