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2020-02-21 04:21:19 (UTC)

Work and gym 😳💪👍

Not much going on. Just work and gym so not too exciting. I do have a big project at work though. A dept/agency has a big network project to migrate all their stuff from our data center floor into Azure's cloud. I don't think much of Azure. It's with Microsoft. However, Amazon has a cloud too and they seem bigger and better. If I had to chose, I'd chose Amazon cloud. Anyway, we are having these preliminary meetings with the customer. So many people there (at least 5 dozen) but I see that so many have no clue on what the heck is going on. Trying to explain the layout of the network infrastructure is tricky and you have to dumb it down for them. Then you want to explain how the new infrastructure is going to be and since they (customer) want their own cloud, they will be managing all that crap on their own. We talking, Intrusion protection, firewalling, load balancing, server patching, yada, yada, yada. So I just want to do my part when it's time. Build my part of the network and then adios amigos. Oh yeah, my deadbeat peer was at the meeting too. He didn't even say one word. I'm sure when this shit is done, he's going to glorify himself somehow.

Now the gym. I'm still eating a lot of protein. My weight is fluctuating between 158-162 lbs. Not sure if I'm comfy with going over the 160 lb weight so we shall see if the extra weight doesn't make me look fat and that it's muscle building. Muscle building and telling yourself the extra weight is due to muscle being built are two different things.

So one of my gym friends mentioned that they think this lady might like me. She comes to our group when the class breaks up into smaller groups for our normal ckt training. If there is room. We usually stick to our core peeps and because my clique is pretty good, the group is sorta intimidating so they are afraid to join us. I myself just like my usual clique and we know each other well already so we are comfortable with whatever we want to say.

When there is a new person that joins us, we have to get to know them and we have to make them feel welcomed and all that. That's fine but it's not the same. This lady has been around for awhile I guess. Maybe 6-8 months maybe. It's just the past couple of months she's been getting to know us better. Anyway, that's the lady that may like me. She did abandon her original group one day and joined us. I thought it was cute but my babe probably won't agree. We talk a little about her husband is sort of like a micro auto dealer. They buy at auction and sell them at a small lot. I think she's Romanian or Russian. Not sure but they do have a rep here for buying, fixing, and selling cars. I found out the she and her sister (sister is also a member) is leaving us after today I think so today will be her last day. We'll say our goodbyes after gym class and that'll be that.

We still have our core peeps intact. Alex and I have been the most consistent. Rosa returned after her leg injury and my friend Rodica is sort of also back from her Mexico Church retreat. Sort of anyway. She's back but she has a boyfriend now and you know how that goes. Everything don't matter much after that. She rarely comes but she is around. My other friend Carlos is a dev ops guy (More IT networking stuff) and he even travels to other countries to work. He's been gone for 3 weeks now. Hmm. I texted him to see if he's sick or just working out of the country.

My core feels better now. A few days ago, it felt like I tore something on the right side of my abs. I'd touch near the right side bottom of my rib cage and it felt like someone broke my rib. Pressing on it would hurt like an SOB. But yesterday, we went heavy on the core. In fact, The side planks with dips on each side were one of the worse. Then we did dolphin push ups. We were only introduced to it this week so it's a new move for us. I laugh everytime we do it because it seems sort of like a pervy move. So our little group is doing it and I'm laughing. Good core stuff but I can't help it. My group asks me what's so funny and I said it's like we're doing the nasty. So after saying that, they crack up and laugh and now they can't do it anymore because they lose focus and me mentioning it made it sort of embarrassing to do after that. I kept going and just closed my eyes trying not to laugh. Here is what I mean. It's a youtube video but you'll get what I mean after you watch it.

That was about it. My dentist appt earlier that day was a bust. I was supposed to remove my temp crown and put in my permanent crown but... it didn't fit well according to my dentist. Not enough tightness next to my adjoining teeth so food will get stuck between teeth. So it gotta be sent out again to be redone and the'll take another 10 days. Sigh.. I have to eat on my right side only once again for 10 days. Try doing that for a day and you'll see how hard and weird it is to do that. I already forgot this once and I shattered my temp crown and they had to redo it again. Tired of this dentist thing. Usually, it's just cleaning and maybe a small filling and that'd be it for the year. But no, not this time. Ive already went for cleaning, temp crown, temp crown repair, failed permanent crown. It's still only February too. Sigh.

Otherwise, life is good. All baskets of life seem to be holding up. I got one friend that hasn't spoken to me yet but that's fine. We'll eventually make up. If not, oh well, I got dozens of friends to hang out with. My babe is doing well. She's doing all she can do to finally see me. I'm proud of her. We're doing good. No drama. We WhatsApp everyday so we are learning more and more about each other which is nice. I like that. Knowing the person really well before you hang out with them is great. Sure, this is not by choice and we don't have a choice but it does have it's positives for sure. I can't wait to see her though. I told her I'll be effing her brains out when she gets here. haha. Just kidding.. not kidding.

My possible new roomie was a bust. She asked for any rooms avail and I said I have one. She come down and wanted it that night. The next day, I offered it to her and she said no now. She did seem a little too drama filled so I wasn't feeling it with her. I mean, why tell me ( a possible landlord) about your problems with you boyfriend and you want to renew your life by moving and completing your degree? Not to be mean and I'll be friendly. I'll say hi and bye when we see each other but I don't care about your breakup. I don't care about your goals to further you education. I don't care if you are trying to find yourself again and it needs to be done without your man. I only care that you pay rent on time and you can at least maintain the community area to be so-so clean.