always wth love

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2020-02-20 21:36:11 (UTC)

Thursday Night

Thursday Night
So, I'm feeling better then some days ago, however my depression slips in as winter takes holds of me still. idk? if its quite normal now because it feel so comforting to me.
What I've notice sharing myself to my ex still it comes refreshing... idk? what is this become a thing with him that am holding myself together. I'd send new hairstyle for a wedding that am attending Sunday evening, its been a year that stopped puttin' my hair in weaves and I've been going back to natural hair look. Once an while I've been getting hair done in cornrows on two sides of my head or doing a design with cornrows. That's my style now which I love, the most I have to pay for is either $80 or $100 this times decent price $40.
IDK if am gonna try consume so much alcohol , that's damn plan need to take of edge off loneliness
It did helped me a year ago, why not now... Yes my plan bout' marriage is on eloping is gonna change now.
I'd made two new friends (Nadine and Megan) at my online college her name is Nadine is she's much older than me but she given me best advice healing from ex, so its great while being an full-time student its worth it.
Besides I am still close with Sarah, she dealing her grandpa unfortunate news. So, I have kept that in my prayers for her. Sorry, I didnt do an spring break edition in 2019 but it was too messy to type out before leaving my community college.
Music playlist:
Changes by JB
Wow by Zara Larrson
Feel Me by Selena Gomez
Honeymoon fades by SC
Kehlani by Valentine's Day (Shameful)
Well night everybody, see you in April to update you before summer comes... always wth love