Carrie notes
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2020-02-21 02:49:31 (UTC)

Carrie's Love Hardship

Believing that love is a choice never get involved because love can only lead to pain and hardship. I´ve told you many times that, to me, the worst venom to a relationship is jealousy. When it´s sick. Then it´s fatal. Everytime I told you that you pretended to agree, shook your head timidly and promised to change. And that wasn´t what happened, and never did happen.
This time you went to far. I wasn’t born to play the clown. You think you are the smartest person in the world and that every body else is stupid, but that’s not really how things are.
Well, keep your arrogance and your delusions of grandeur to yourself. Keep looking people down all you want, but forget I exist because I have had it with your small talk about how things will change from now on.
The reason I am telling you this is because your last attitude towards me was ridiculous. I’m not even going to waste my time telling you what happened; you know perfectly well what you did and I’m even embarrassed to repeat (or even write) something as disrespectful as your last performance.
So, don’t come looking for me ever again. I am sorry, but I feel even more sorry for all the time I wasted on you.
You know, up until recently, the thought of writing a letter like this had never crossed my mind, and I can’t tell you what’s happened over night, but I totally lost all interest in you.
Unfortunately, I don’t feel happy by your side anymore, I don’t have those great feelings when you touch me, I don’t miss you like I used to, and, what’s more, I feel like being on my own because; for now good reason, you’ve become indifferent to me, although you haven’t done anything to hurt me.
Don’t ask me to explain myself because as I said, there’s no explanation and it all happened so fast. Don’t try to talk me into changing my mind, I know myself too well to know that once I reach this stage there’s no way back.
I hope you understand that I’ve loved you once, but now, I don’t love you enough to share you my most intimate moments with you.

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