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2020-02-19 21:30:40 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I wave the white flag on family, work, and relationships. I don't recall if I mentioned my father falling Monday at home. But anyway...fast forward to Wednesday. I got a phone call that my dad was being rushed to the hospital this afternoon. My supervisor told me to leave work after a crazy day anyway. I got home and showered then went to the hospital. They run some x-ray, blood work, and determine he has no broken bones or fractures. So...he then is advised to get checked into hospital for pain monitoring and to help with the pain. He begins to talk about dying and how it was the end. I immediately broke into tears and couldn't stop crying. I know men are supposed to be strong, but my parents and I are super close. I feel so helpless and like I wish I could do something to make my dad better. I also wished my mom was around. So it's just me alone. I am scared. Well...anyway...time to sleep. Night all