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Black Diamond (4,920 wds)

“Mom, I’m home!” Ruby shouted as she entered the house, “Sarah’s with me. Can she stay for dinner?”
“If it is alright with her mother, she can stay.” Jessica said from the kitchen.
“It is, we checked.” Ruby replied as the two young women dropped their bags in the living room, and headed for the kitchen.
Both in their final year of high school, they were paired for a project, and became close friends. Ruby, with her chestnut brown hair, slim but curvy figure, and take charge attitude became an instant friend to the more reclusive Sarah. Blonde, with glasses, a full figure but still a bit of baby fat that only made her look more attractive.
“How was school?” Jessica asked, as the two girls marched into the kitchen, and Jessica kissed them both on the tops of their heads.
“Good.” Ruby said, through a mouthful of cookie she snagged from the pantry as she handed one to Sarah.
“Supper’s in an hour. Don’t spoil your appetite.”
“Won’t” Ruby said, she and Sarah headed back to get their bags, and headed off into Ruby’s bedroom with a glass of milk each. As the door clicked behind them, their bags hit the floor, and Ruby flopped backwards onto her bed, as Sarah dropped into the beanbag chair shaped like Pikachu. As Ruby stared at the ceiling, she said, “Going to the dance next month?”
“Don’t know. No one’s asked me.” Sarah replied as she too lay her head back on the chair and stared at the ceiling, noticing the collection of glow-in-the-dark stars plastered to Ruby’s ceiling.
“So, you don’t need a boy to validate yourself.” Ruby said, then getting up, added, “Tell me what you think of this.” And she moved to her closest, which was right cross from the chair Sarah was sitting in, and started to pull out some clothes. She threw each new shirt, blouse, pants or skirt onto the bed, then pulled her top up over her head. She faced Sarah wearing nothing but her jeans and the white bra with a red rose pattern. Sarah sat up in the chair and watched her friend, and was intrigued at how firm her body was. Ruby pulled on a pale yellow blouse, and letting the tail hang out, buttoned the front.
“You like?” she asked.
Tilting her hand back and forth, Sarah said, “Nyah uh.”
Ruby undid the button on her jeans, and slid the zipper down, and Sarah thought she was doing it rather obviously slow, as if Ruby wanted to prolong the exposure, then, sliding her hands to her hips, Ruby pushed her jeans downs revealing a pair of cotton briefs hugging her hips.
“I would have thought you were a little more adventurous in your lingerie.” Sarah smiled.
“Why?” Ruby said, as she slipped on a bright orange mini skirt, “What do you wear to school?
Sarah stood up, her mid-calf length red dress with white polka dots swirled around her legs as she did, then, in a brazen act that took Ruby by surprise from her usually shy friend, she lifted her dress up to show an equally surprising red lace thong, before dropping her dress back down.
“Your mother let you buy those?” Ruby said, her face a little pink.
“Nope.” Sarah said," stole them from La Senza in the mall.”
“OhMyGod!” Ruby gasped, “You are a bad girl!”
“C’mon, they were in the clearance bin just outside the door. It’s not like I knocked over a bank.” Sarah said.
“Still,” Ruby said, with a wicked grin creeping across her face, “I think you should take them off.”
Sarah pulled her dress up the her hips, and slid the panties off, and threw them at Ruby, who caught the tiny piece of lace and held them to her nose, before tossing them on the bed. “How about now?” Ruby said, after pairing the butter coloured blouse with the orange mini-skirt.
“Better.” Sarah said, before moving over to the bed of clothes, and tossing her two pieces of clothes.
Ruby looked at the tube top and daisy-dukes, and said “I can’t wear a tube top with a strapped bra!”
Sarah shrugged her shoulder, and said, “So, take it off.”
Ruby slowly undid the buttons on her blouse and let the soft garment float to the floor as Sarah watched her. She slid the straps of her bra over her shoulders, and pulled her elbows through the straps. Ruby reached behind herself, and undid the hooks, allow her 32C breasts freedom. Sarah could not help but notice how Ruby’s little brown nubs were suddenly so hard and erect as she sat back down in the Pikachu Bean Bag Chair. Ruby reached for the tube top when Sarah said, “Nyah-uh, skirt too.”
“But then I will be naked” Ruby said.
“Only if you take off those hideous cotton granny panties.” Sarah said, “Now, turn around before you take off the skirt.
Ruby had no idea why she wanted to do exactly what Sarah asked, but she did, and her body hummed in anticipation as she turned her back to her friend, and slowly pulled down the zipper of her orange skirt and let the garment slide down her legs.
You, my dear,” Sarah said as she leaned out of the chair and moved toward Ruby, “have a beautiful ass.” and with the words, she pulled the cotton panties down, and as Ruby gasped at her friends' action, Sarah said, “Once we get them out of these hideous panties.”
Ruby’s heart pounded in her chest as she could feel her friend's hands on her body. She quivered at her touch and the cool air breezing across her naked buttock, then she again gasped as she felt Sarah’s lips on her cheeks, and her fingers start to touch her vagina. Ruby stepped away from Sarah, and turned to face her, legs spread slightly as she looked down to her friend, and smiled. Sarah smiled back, and crawled closer to Ruby, ran her fingers through the chestnut down between Ruby’s legs, and parted to slit enough to slide her tongue in.
Ruby grasped Sarah’s head and held her there as Sarah drove her tongue deep into Ruby, and Ruby moved her hips to help. As Ruby thrusted gently forward, Sarah sucked on Ruby’s clit, and Ruby was suddenly thankful Sarah did not have an affection for long nails as Ruby felt Sarah’s finger slide into her. In a completely autonomic action, Ruby hugged Sarah’s head as she moaned out a soft, guttural, “Fuck me baby. God keep doing that.”
Sarah pushed her fingers deep into Ruby's vagina until she found the delicate nub inside her and pressed. Ruby clenched her kegs together as the feeling exploded inside her and she leaned forward, holding Sarah's hands inside her as the orgasm ran through her body.
"Oh god," Ruby cried out, holding Sarah's hand inside her with her legs and her hands as she pushed her hips forward and back, riding Sarah's hand, "Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, fuck yes, deeper baby, push it in deeper." then she cried out in ecstacy as she fell forward to hug her friend. "Oh my god, that was instense." Ruby gasped as she hugged Sarah.
"Happy? Sarah said, smiling.
"Oh, My, God. You have to come over more often. I want to do that everyday."
"So," Sarah smiled an ear to ear grin, "Happy, then."
Ruby sat back on her heals, and looked at her friend, then, taking Sarah's glasses off her, said, "Strip."
Sarah stood, and started to lift her dress.
"Noooo," Ruby said, "Other way, zipper first."
Sarah turned her back to Ruby and reached behind her, trying to reach the zipper at the top of her dress, when Ruby walked over to her, and slowly pulled it down until she saw the edge of her bra strap before sitting back on her bed. Sarah turned to face her friend, and slipped off the sleeve of her dress over her shoulder, then the other, holding the dress in place with her crossed hands.
"No fair," Ruby said as she lay her body back against the wall, "All. The Way." she slowly said, and Sarah, moved her hands to the sides of her dress, and slowly began to pull it down. She teased Ruby terribly with her slowness as she let it slip slightly to expose the thin white lace of her bra. As the fabric slid over the impressive D-Cups of the white lace, Ruby sat up straighter to watch very intently as her friend began to slide the dress down ever so slowly.
"You are doing this on purpose." Ruby said.
"I am doing this, because you asked me to." Sarah smiled back.
"Oh?" Ruby said, "I asked you to torment me with this little show of yours?"
"No, that is my pleasure, all on my own." Sarah giggled slightly, "You, my dear, deserve to be pleasured." and Sarah moved the dress over her breasts and slowly down her body. A little soft, and curvy, she was still in very good shape as the dress exposed her stomach, and Ruby licked her bottom lip as she saw the small ring attached to Sarah navel. "You like that?" she asked, and Ruby could only nod her head violently up and down as she smiled, "Then this," Sarah finished as she let the dress pool about her feet to show Ruby a smoothly shaved pussy," should make you very happy."
"Fuck no!" Ruby said, as she sprang to the floor before Sarah, and cupped her mound in the palm of her hand and stroked the slit between her legs. Sarah's core clenched on Ruby's finger as Ruby slid one finger into her wet pussy. She stroked the inside of Sarah's vagina, then added a second finger, wiggling both fingers until Sarah bent over, clamping her legs on Ruby's hands as the sensation overcame her. Sarah's body convulsed from the stimulation as she hugged Ruby's head, burying her friends face into her breasts as the stimulation overcame her in waves, then Ruby pulled her fingers out of her friend, and leaned back on her heels. Sarah's heart was pounding, and she could feel the veins in her temples throbbing as Ruby smiled at her.
Gasping, Sarah croaked out, "My fucking god, that was great." but before Sarah could say anything more, Ruby closed in on her friend, spreading her lower lips open she slipped her tongue into the wet slit, and Sarah moaned out her pleasure as she leaned back, thrusting her vagina to her friend, holding Ruby's head so she couldn't stop, and Ruby had no desire to stop either. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she ran her tongue through Sarah's slit, until she reached Sarah's clit, then she closed her lips over the tender nerve, and sucked softly, then, opening her mouth again, she ran her tongue into the slit again, and continued the action all over again. She continued for a few minutes, and each time Ruby sucked her clit, Sarah would thrust her pussy into Ruby's face, her teeth biting her lower lip, as she moaned out a gurgled "nnnnnn" as she tried to contain her orgasm but soon, Ruby's chin was coated in Sarah's juices. Ruby stood, pressed her naked body against Sarah's, and kissed her, hard, open mouthed, passionate. Sarah could taste herself on her friends lips and tongue, and she stroked Ruby's vagina until she could feel the slick wetness dripping onto her fingers, and she tasted her friend, sharing the joy with Ruby until finally they found themselves together, on Ruby's bed, their bodies positioned so that they could each stimulate one another, grinding themselves into each other's body until they finally spent all their energies, and they just curled up on the bed, in each other's arms.
"Ruby! Sarah!" a voice wafted through their dazed minds, "Supper!"
"Hmm?" Ruby said, as she started to regain consciousness, "You say something?" as she looked over the naked body of her friend.
"What?" Sarah said, stretching, "Did you say something?"
"Dinner, ladies" a voice came from outside their sanctum.
"Shit!" Ruby said, "Dinner. Get dressed," Ruby said as she jumped out of the bed, and started to dress.
"Hey," Sarah said, as Ruby slipped on Sarah's red thong, "Those are mine."
Ruby grinned and replied, "Wear mine."
"I'm not wearing the granny panties." she said.
"Then don't" Ruby replied with a grin that could be described as evil as she pulled her jeans over the red lace.
"Zip me?" Sarah said, as she slipped the dress over her head, holding it for a moment so that Ruby could see she was not wearing the granny panties before dropping the dress and turning to her friend. As Ruby took the zipper in her hands, Sarah reminded her, "Up, please." Ruby pulled the zipper up, sealing the dress, then pulled Sarah's long locks away from her neck and kissed her on the back of her neck. She pulled back, letting the hair fall back down as her mother opened the door.
"Girls, Supper, Now." Jessica said, before backing out of the room, then popped her head back in and said, "Sarah, nice dress." backed out again and returned to the kitchen.
Ruby and Sarah headed down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Ruby, can you set the table please?" Jessica asked and Ruby went to the cupboard as Sarah sat one one of the stools lining the island. Jessica went to the pantry as Ruby pulled the dishes from the cupboard.
"Your mom's hot." Sarah said as Ruby passed by with the plates and cuttlery.
"I know, right?" Ruby said. "Since dad left, I wish she would find someone new. I don't like her being all alone."
Jessica opened the pantry and a tall, handsome man in a chef's jacket and cap said, "Hello Jessica."
Jessica slammed the door, and Ruby called out from the kitchen, "You alright mom?"
"Yep!" Jessica almost squeaked out, "Fine." but her voice was still a little high. She opened the door again, and the chef was still standing there.
"Can I help you?" he said, and the first thing to come to Jessica's mind was "Fuck yeah." but all she managed to say was "Cheese."
The chef turned to the small fridge in the pantry and pulled out a block of cheese, "Black Diamond?" he said, and Jessica gave him a coy smile as she said, "I love diamonds," then blushing a little she appened with "Black Diamond."
"You mean like this?" he said, as he placed the cheese block back in the fridge, and turning to Jessica, held up a single silver earing, on which dangled a single 1/4 carat black diamond.
Jessica's eyes were saucers as she gazed on the single earring held between his fingers. "It is beautiful." she said.
"Now, just what would you be willing to do for this beautiful piece of cheese?" he smiled, and his smile was sweet, and sexy, but his eyes held a mischevious glint."
Jessica looked at the diamond, then his eyes, reading full well his intimation, then down at the soft curves of her breasts, as she slowly started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Slowly the fabric seperated, and her creamy white skin was revedaled, then the stiff cups of her push-up bra, then her belly, until her blouse lay open before him.
The chef, brushed her hair back over her ear as he held the diamond against her earlobe, then traced the back of his fingers along her jaw, and down her neck, and across her shoulder, as he gently pushed the fabric backwards to fall down her back and pool on the floor behind her feet.
The grin returned to his face as he looked over her breasts, still cupped in the bra, but pushed together, and so very full, he said, "That is very nice. now, how far would you go if I just happened to have the other earring?" and as he said this, another earring was dangling from his other hand.
Jessica's mouth dropped, then looking to either side of her, she held up one finger, and looked around the corner to see Ruby and her friend in the kitchen, then returned to the chef, and started to undo the button on the waistband of her jeans. The chef smiled, and leaned forward to watch Jessica as she slid the zipper down, then placed her hands under the waistband and shimmied the denim down her legs. Jessica stepped out of the pants now laying around her ankles, and stepped toward the chef. Smiling herself, she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra, pulling it forward she held it before him on one finger, then dropped it to the floor as the chef gazed upon her beautiful round breasts. The chef stepped out of the pantry and took Jessica in his arms, kissing her hard and Jessica could feel herself soaking through her panties.
"Mom!" Ruby called frokm the kitchen, "Do you need a hand?"
"NO!" she shouted, then, taking a deep breath, she contimued softer, "No, no, it is alright, you and Sarah occupy yourselves for a few minutes, I am just getting something." then, taking the chef's jacket in her arms, she giggled slightly as she said, "Snaps. I like." then ripped open the jacket, revelling in the sight of his hard, tanned chest.
"You heard your mother," Sarah said as a wicked little smile played across her face, "Let's, " and she air quoted, "occupy ourselves."
"So what do you want to do?" Ruby asked.
Sarah took Ruby's face in her hands and kissed her hard on the mouth, their tongues caressing, lips wanting, needing, then Sarah pulled back a little and whispered to Ruby, "I am sitting on a bar stool, and I am not wearing panties, and you have a genius IQ, I am sure you can come up with something." As Sarah pulled away, Ruby's eye's glowed with desire as she slowly lowered to her knees before her friend and slowly lifted her dress.
Jessica ran her tongue over the chef's nipples, then licked circles along his chest down his belly to his navel, and as she lowered herseld to the floor, she undid the button on his jeans, and slid his zipper down. The pants opened like a flower bloom, exposing his arousal like the stamen of an orchid.
"Commando." Jessica said, "Me likey." and as she pushed the denim to the floor, she lowered her mouth onto the erection until she could feel it touching the back of her throat, then pulled back, and grasped it in her hands and started to stroke him.
Sarah scootched forward to give Ruby easier access to her pussy, as Ruby's tongue slid inside her. Sarah held Ruby's head to keep her from pulling away as she attempted to raise herslef, with the help of her elbows on the island, so that Ruby's tongue could probe deeper into her. Sarah bit down on her bottom lip in an attempt not to cry out in orgasm and alert Jessica what they were doing.
"Nnnngg," Sarah muttered as her passion rose higher, then finally peaking she cried, "Enough, Ruby," then breathing heavily, "God, stop, stop, I can't take it anymore, I, I need you to, fuck, I, i need you to do something else, god, please, stop for a minutess."
Ruby tilted back and sat on her heels and called out, "Mom? Mom! You alright?"
"Stay there baby, I'll be coming soon."
The chef smiled at her, and said, "Funny."
Ruby turned back to Sarah, "So, what do you want to do now?"
Sarah stood up, turned and leaned over the stool she was sitting on, slick with the juices of her arousal, and lifted her dress to her hips as she spread herself across two stools.
"Spank me."
"What?" Ruby asked.
"Spank me. You have to admit, I have been a very naughty girl."
"Yes, yes you have." Ruby said, and she playfully slapped Sarah across her cheeks.
"No, I said spank me. Hit me, hard."
"I can't do that baby." Ruby said, "I'll hurt you."
"Then hurt me. Hit me. Open palm, right across my ass."
Ruby slapped her again, harder, but still holding back.
"Harder." Sarah said, and Ruby slapped her harder, "Hmmmm," Sarah replied, biting back the pain, then, "Again, harder."
Ruby slapped her again, harder, and the sound of the slap made her worry Jessica would hear as Sarah whimpered from the pain, "Yeah, like that, again."
Ruby slapped her again, and Sarah's cheeks quivered with the force as Sarah again bit down to control the pain, "Again."
Ruby slapped her, again, and again, until her hand stung and Sarah's ass was red, and her legs were wet with her cum.
Jessica could tell by the throbbing of the chef's cock that he was getting close so she stopped, stood up, and pulling down her panties, exposed her ass to the chef.
"Fuck my ass." she said.
The chef stroked Jessica's pussy, feeling the moisture dripping onto his palm, then rubbed her lubrication on his cock, before placing the head against Jessica's little pucker and slowly pushed forward. Jessica bent forward, exposing her ass, spreading her cheeks with her hands as he continued to push his shaft inside her. Jessica winced as his huge member penetrated her, and she bit down on her lower lip to stifle the moan building in her throat before she could finally no longer contain the gurgling in her throat and she hissed out a garbled, "Fuck, yeah, do it. Fuck me deeper, push it in, push it in all the fucking way."
The chef pushed his cock balls in, then pulled back, then thrust again, and again, and again, his cock coating with Jessica's lubrication as he pounded her ass over and over again.
"Wow, Sarah, I did not think you would go in for that stuff." Ruby said as she watched Sarah slide down off the stool to kneel on the floor. "Are you alright?"
"Damn straight I am." She said, "You got a good heft there baby." then still on her knees, she turned to face Ruby, "Maybe next time we try it with a paddle? You want to try?"
"No thank you," Ruby said, "I like my lily white ass just the way it is." then stroking Sarah's hair, she asked, "Are you going to be alright?"
"Lover, I could not feel any better, but I think someone has been terribly neglected" then again looking at Ruby with a mischevious grin, "and someone is till wearing my purloined panties."
"Mom! Can Sarah and I take a quick run up to my bedroom?"
"God, yes," Jessica shouted, "Fuck yeah, do it. Do it baby, right there, go for it."
"I think I might have some time to return your panties." and she grabbed Sarah's hand and hauled her upstairs again.
Once behind the closed doors, Ruby turned to her friend and said, "So, you like to be punished?"
Sarah smiled, and said, "Oh yes, punish me mistress. Punish me. I have been a very bad girl."
"On your knees." Ruby commanded and Sarah obeyed, smiling as she did so, not knowing what Ruby had in mind, but excited anyway. As Sarah knelt before her, Ruby commanded her to undo Ruby's pants, which Sarah did with pleasure, unhooking the button, and pulling down the zipper.
"Take them off." Ruby commanded, and again, Sarah slid Ruby's jeans down her legs, her face equal to Ruby's vagina, stilled hidden behind the red lacy thong, as she lifted each leg, one after the other, to remove the pants.
"Panties!" Ruby barked, "Now." and Sarah giggled at her friends playing dominatrix as she pulled the panties off, again lifting Ruby's legs to slip them off.
"Nows give them to me!" and Ruby held her hand out as Sarah placed the lace in her hand. Ruby bent toward her Sub, and slippped the panties under her hair, around the back of her neck, and pulled Sarah to her cunt.
"Lick it!" she commanded again, and Sarah slid her tongue into her friends vagina, licking her, and sucking her clit, then again, thrusting inside as Ruby held her in placed with the binding made from Sarah's panties. As Ruby thrusted her cunt into her friends mouth, Ruby commanded her again, "Stick your finger in my ass."
Sarah stopped her licking and pulled away for a moment.
"I did not say to stop. Eat my pussy, and stick your finger in my ass!"
Sarah slid her finger into Ruby's vagina and coated it with her juices, then sliding her tongue back into her slit, she reached behind and probed Ruby's ass with her slick finger. She flt resistance at first, so she rimmed the hole with her slickness before plunging it deep into Ruby's ass. At first, it barely made it past the first knuckle, but each succedssive push went deeper, and each thrust pulled a glorifying moan from Ruby who'se hips thrust forward to Sarah's mouth, then back on her finger, then forward, then back. Sweat started to slick Ruby's body from the stimulation her sub was giving her. Ruby's legs were shaking and she suddenly released her cum into Sarah's mouth as the ecstacy overcame her and she dropped to her knees.
"Mistress is pleased?" Sarah asked.
As Sarah pulled her hand fromm from behind Ruby, Ruby slumped down on her heels, then grabbing her friends hands pulled her on top as Ruby collapsed on her back, Sarah resting on top. Ruby kissed her deeply before whispering, "Mistress is very pleased."
Sarah sat up straight, a shocked look in her eyes.
"Supper!" she gasped, "Your mother has got to be finished by now. We gotta get back downstairs."Just watch out for the zipper." then got up off her friend, and smoothed her dress back down.
Jessica could feel her asshole widening from the girth of the chef's cock as he continued to thrust into her. He could easily reach the tender spot deep inside her, and her orgasm was climbing faster and faster. Bracing herself on the handles if the cabinets, her legs spread, her tits swaying with each thrust and her juices dripping down her legs she finally felt a climax. Hers? His? All she knew was a wave of heat consumed her and she felt spent, drained. She could feel the chef pull out from her, and it was a glorious pain as the full length of him slid out from her, and his cum dripped out her ass. Jessica fell to her knees, and the chef came around, and squatted before her.
"Was that good for you?" he said.
Jessica wanted to say yes. Needed to say yes. Had to tell him how 'YES' it was, but her throat was clenched. Her heart was pounding, and her whole body quaked with the effect of her climax, and all she could do was smile as her eyes rolled back in her head for a moment.
The chef held the earrings in his hands and said, "Then I guess these are for you." and he pinned each one into her ears.
"Thankyou." Jessica was finally able to speak, "Will I ever see you again?"
"I am sure we will, Jessica. When you need me."
"What if I need you now?" she said, smiling.
"Wow, you are insatiable, but let us depart now. I am sure you will know when the time is right." And as Jessica heard the door close, she crawled around the corner. The girls were not in the kitchen.
"Where could they have gone?" Jessica thought as she stood up to clean herself off, and pull her panties back up. Then she heard footsteps coming down the stairs, and she ducked back into the pantry and quickly dressed. As she pulled up her pantsm she could feel the denim hugging her ass, and it sent stinging charges through her body.
"I am going to feel that for a few days." she said, wincing as she slipped her bra back on, then buttoned up her shirt as she heard Ruby calling, "Mom! Is dinner ready?"
Jessica walked slowly and stifly around the corner, and moved to the stove, putting on her oven mits, she pulled open the oven door and took out a tray of mini pizza bagels.
The aroma filled the kitchen, as the two girls moved to the island.
"They smell great mom," Ruby said, then, "Pull up a chair."
Jessica looked at the hard wooden seat of the bar stool, and said, "I think I'll stand, but please, Sarah, Ruby, sit."
Sarah smiled wanly, feeling the throbbing in her ass from earlier and declined as well.
"Long day in school, I think I'll just stand as well."
"Well, I am going to be comfortable." Ruby said as she sat on one of the stools, then looking at her mother, she said, "Nice earrings. How much did those cost?"
Jessica brushed her hands over the jewels at her ears, and smiled as she said, "Less than you would think, but probably more than I had anticipated."
"Well they look good on you, and I am glad you are getting a little ... joy in your life."