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2020-02-18 23:58:13 (UTC)


I already know that out of all eating disorders anorexia is one of the most popular people say. People look over anorexia so easily. They make jokes about it. I have struggled for years with it. They don't understand that it starts out as an oh well I am not hungry then move in to never eating breakfast. Then pretty soon you start comparing yourself to others. Then you start to think that skinner is prettier. So then you will stand in front of your bedroom mirror perfecting your body trying to find every single ounce of fat you have to loose to look perfect. Then you start to realize that if you don't need breakfast why would you need lunch and dinner either. And some people will notice and they might say something. But in my case, I ditched all of the friends that actually cared and moved into a group where it was normal not to eat. Then we would compare pants sizes and how many days we have gone without eating. Then you start to love the feeling of drinking water on an empty stomach. Then eventually your period stops and you start getting really dizzy and shaky. But you keep telling yourself it is normal. And that you have to do this if you want to be perfect in other people's eyes.